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Numismatic news

X Special Numismatic Auction Maracay-bo

October 25th, 2020

X Special Numismatic Auction Maracay-bo

Good evening to the entire community of collectors in the country, today we want to share with you an important news. On June 29, 2019 we let the community know of the multiple problems that the city of Maracaibo is experiencing and how difficult it was to carry out the convention and auction, therefore it was decided to look for a temporary place where there were not so many problems at that time. After several analyzes it was decided to do it in the city of Maracay- Edo Aragua, unfortunately the country entered quarantine and for obvious reasons it we can do it in person.

At the same time we want to thank all the support received from the numismatic friends and especially NUMISCOLA and its entire board of directors. We want to make it clear that when we return to normality and events can be held presentially, we will do so in our beloved Maracaibo or in a state where no convention or auction has been held, always looking for the best option for you.

We are very happy to present the auction with the highest quantity and quality of pieces made by us in all these years. It is the X Maracay-bo 2020 special numismatic auction, which will have 205 lots. It will be divided into several sections, miscellaneous, World banknotes, world currencies, medals, tokens, Venezuelan banknotes, national banking, private banking, specimens, tests, errors, Venezuelan currency, Venezuelan coins and we close with a spectacular platinum selection.

The auction will be held via the web on the page:, with a new modality and innovation. We will have the first Live Auction in the country, it is the same modality used by the main houses auction in the world, extremely easy, we will be informing more soon.

They will also be able to make their previous offers from days before for your convenience. At the same time we will receive your offers via email and we will manage them live as we have done for years.

The date will be November 28, 2020. In a single session, starting at 6:00 pm live for all. It is important that you read the conditions that are in the catalog.

We invite all those who are not registered on the website to do so now so that they do not miss this wonderful opportunity.

As in all editions we will have a limited edition souvenir that we will soon announce its issuance.

Thank you always for the support given and we hope that the pieces are to your total satisfaction. Any questions can be contacted directly with the administrators privately.

With nothing more to say here we leave you the digital catalog:
Thank you very much.

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