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About this website

This is a personal research and cataloguing website about coins and banknotes from Venezuela since Colony era, with reference image of each piece if possible. This website came alive to contribute the difusion of these patrimonies due to lack of information.

The information is updated frecuently. Maybe there are some rare pieces that are not in the catalog, mostly variety of colonial coins, specimen notes, notes issued before 1940, banknotes design proof and coin patterns. I'm welcome any comments, corrections, new information or pictures.

This website does not trade pieces, so I'm unable to know the current piece value. Howerver, there are some catalogs that may help to get an approximate value, which is listed at Bibliography inside the References section. Other source of prices could be auction websites, like ebay and numismatic stores.

This is a non-profit cultural website, founded by the author.

Conventions about numeric expression

Number expressions, related to decimals and thousand separation varies depending the languaje version of the website:

Spanish version

  • Decimals separation are expressed using comma (",")
  • Thousands separations are expressed using dot (".")

English Version

  • Decimals separation are expressed using dot (".")
  • Thousands separations are expressed using comma (",")

Observation: These conventions may not be followed from generated information by Mercadolibre and

About this website

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