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Page Reference

For reference, the URL address of this page is:

Contact with the author

If you wish to contact the author to contribute with information, photos, make some corrections, sugestions or have doubts, etc.., you could reach him at the following address: icon .

Photo contribution

If you wish to contribute with a photograph, you can send it by email at the address shown before. The preferred file format is JPEG (or PNG) with low compression, true color (24 bits or more). Generally it's not easy to photograph coins minted with other metal than silver or have a Proof or shiny surface. This requirement helps this website to show as possible the best quality photo reference. The resolution for the photographs are:
  • Scanned image (preferred): Resolution of 200-300 DPI (or more). This method is the best for banknotes and most cases of coins.
  • Digital Photo: Resolution of 1024 pixels of width that may be taken using a 3 Megapixels or more digital camera. This method is not recommended because the piece shape is generally distorted, the brightness is not uniform, and the flash may washout the colour.

Other contribution

New piece reports

To report new pieces that starts circulation or unlisted pieces (mostly banknote specimen), you can send the report to the email address, along with a photograph of the obverse and reverse following the same instructions as the photographic contributions guidelines.

Expand the known banknote serial number interval

To improve the information about known banknote serial number interval, you can send the report by email, and include a photograph of the obverse. If there are more than one reports, you may send all as one image, taking care that the date and serie can be read.