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Information about banknotes of 1 Bolívar
Circulation note
Theses banknotes were issued in emergency to solve the shortage of coins during 1988-1989, as a consequence of illegal funding to obtain nickel due to the high price of this metal in comparison to it's face value. The banknotes that are part of these issues are 1 Bolívar, 2 Bolívares and 5 Bolívares (Design B, type B).
Equivalence in predecessor monetary units
This denomination is equivalent in value to "20 Centavos" (from the monetary units "Venezolano" and "Peso Fuerte") and "2 Reales"
Design A
Piece bbcv1bs-aa01-a8 (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbcv1bs-aa01-a8
Piece bbcv1bs-aa01-d8 (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbcv1bs-aa01-d8
Banknotes classified inside of Design A:
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