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Information about Banco de Venezuela and the Monetary Unit Bolívar
Historical overview
Banco de Venezuela was founded in 1890, as a result of a reform of Banco Comercial and merging of Banco de Carabobo. This bank was the biggest banknote issuer with nationwide acceptance before the creation of the National Bank in 1940.
Monetary Unit Name
Bolívar of Silver (1879-1918)
Bolívar of Gold (1918-1974)
Bolívar (1974-2007)
Monetary System
100 Céntimos = 1 Bolívar
Time Period
From 1879 through December 31st 2007, which has been replaced by "Bolívar Fuerte".
Monetary equivalence
5 Céntimos = 1 Centavo (Venezolano)
1 Bolívar = 20 Centavo (Venezolano)
5 Bolívares = 1 Venezolano
1000 Bolívares = 1 Bolívar Fuerte
20 Bolívares
Piece bbdv20bs-da05-7 (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdv20bs-da05-7
Banknotes of 20 Bolívares
40 Bolívares
50 Bolívares
Piece bbdv50bs-cas (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdv50bs-cas
Banknotes of 50 Bolívares
100 Bolívares
Piece bbdv100bs-eas (Reverse)
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Banknotes of 100 Bolívares
500 Bolívares
Piece bbdv500bs-cas (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdv500bs-cas
Banknotes of 500 Bolívares
1000 Bolívares
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