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Information about coins of 1/5 Bolívar
Circulation note
This coin was retired and was melted, and was replaced by the coins of 1/4 Bolívar in 1894. Also, because the similarity in the weight by few grams, it generated a lot of confusion, and many clipped the edge to gain the face value of 1/4 Bolívar.
Equivalence in predecessor monetary units
This denomination is equivalent in value to "4 Centavos" (from the monetary units "Peso Fuerte" and "Venezolano")
Design A
Piece mv0.2bs-aa01 (Obverse)
Photo from piece mv0.2bs-aa01
Piece mv0.2bs-aa01v2 (Reverse)
Photo from piece mv0.2bs-aa01v2
Coins classified inside of Design A:
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