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Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela : 27th Numismatic Convention of Caracas, Venezuela

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27th Numismatic Convention of Caracas, Venezuela

Sunday November 25th, 2018

Numisfila, C.A. is pleased to invite to the 27th Numismatic and Collecting Convention of Caracas, to be held on Sunday November 25th 2018, in J.W. Marriott Hotel.

Attendees can purchase coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, stamps, books, phone cards, badges, and baseball memorabilia, antiques, and related to numismatics and collecting in general.

For the interested ones in participating like exhibitors in the 27th Numismatic Convention of Caracas, there are booth available in rent for sell and display of related numismatic pieces

For any additional information, you can contact:

Numisfila, C.A.
2da. Av. de las Delicias,
Edificio 22 de Mayo, Local A,
Sabana Grande - Caracas.
Phone - +58-212-761-1952.
Email: icon

Event website:

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