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PMG califica un billete de 10 BsF con el mayor grado de conservación: 70 ★ EPQ
May 22nd, 2022
Banknote PMG 70 * EPQ

(Photograph credits: Juan Correia)

A venezuelan banknote of 10 BsF, serie T8 and year 2011 (bbcv10bsf-aa03-t8) had received from PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) the highest conservation grading for a banknote: Grade 70 ★ EPQ - Gem Uncirculated, exceptional paper quality with star (★) for exceptional. To date of this news, there are only 3 pieces with this grade

PMG assign STAR (★) to banknote with exceptional eye appeal for their assigned grade.
While eye appeal is one of the most subjective characteristics of notes, there are general standards which numismatists typically use to define exceptional eye appeal. To receive a ★ from PMG, notes must exhibit exceptionally strong plate and / or overprint embossing, vibrant ink color, and pristine paper quality exceeding the well-established standards used to determine the Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) Designation.

For further information about PM grading