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Standard Catalog of World Coins (2002): 1701-1800 (3rd Edition)
Standard Catalog of World Coins (2002): 1701-1800 (3rd Edition)
AuthorChester L. Krause
Number of pages1240
Dimensions1.99 x 10.85 x 8.3 in. / 5.05 x 27.56 x 21.08 cm.
Publication classPrinted

From the smallest mining pfennigs to the largest multiple ducats in gold, this single volume represents a definitive collection of 18th century world coins, based on more than 30 years of research by hundreds of numismatic experts. The listings for issues from China, the German states, and the Holy Roman empire, along with Transylvania, the Papal states, France, and Spain contain a wealth of information not found in other world numismatic references.

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