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Standard Catalog of World Coins (2006): 1901 - Present (33rd Edition)
Standard Catalog of World Coins (2006): 1901 - Present (33rd Edition)
AuthorChester L. Krause
Number of pages2335
Dimensions11 x 8.2 x 3.1 in. / 27.94 x 20.83 x 7.87 cm.
Publication classPrinted

The 33rd edition of this incomparable reference is the only single volume available offering complete coverage from 1901 to present. More than one million prices are provided (listings price coins in up to five grades of condition) along with nearly 50,000 obverse and reverse illustrations to make coin identification fast and easy.

All prices have been thoroughly researched, reviewed and updated to reflect current market values. Hundreds of new coin listings have been added, along with hundreds of new and improved illustrations, including many 2004-2005 issues. Plus, descriptions have been revised and expanded to include more detail.

-Complete coverage of known world coins from 1901 to present -More than one million current prices in up to five grades of condition -Includes bullion charts, grading information, foreign exchange table, alphabet conversion charts, and a complete index by country and denomination

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