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Venezuelan Commemorative, Numismatic coins and metallic medals
Venezuelan Commemorative, Numismatic coins and metallic medals
AuthorAsdrúbal Grillet Correa
Number of pages424
Dimensions15.5 x 23 cm. / 6.1 x 9.06 in.
Publication classPrinted

Original Title: Monedas conmemorativas, numismáticas y medallas metálicas venezolanas

(Translation from the publisher's information)

This monograph has as goal to show, in a technical and systematic way, some specifications of the commemorative, numismatic and metallic medals coined by the Venezuelan Government from 1930 through 1999. The methodology used in this research was examination of the legal instruments related to the coin minting written down since 1836 until the present day, interviews to professionals, visits to coins and medals production building, national and transnational; and examine in details the pieces that belong to the collection and archives of the Banco Central de Venezuela.