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Venezuelan Metallic Coins
Venezuelan Metallic Coins
AuthorAsdrúbal Grillet Correa
Number of pages130
Dimensions21 x 28 cm. / 8.27 x 11.02 in.
Publication classPrinted and Electronic

Original Title: Monedas Metálicas Venezolanas

(Translation from the publisher's information)

The methodology used in this research was tracking down the legal instruments related to the coin mint from 1802 through 1996, interview to technicians, visits to international coin minting facilities, and examine with detail the pieces that belong to the archives and collection from Banco Central de Venezuela.

As another section, it shows the experiences related to the relative shortage of coins, analyzing the causes and measures taken by the Banco Central de Venezuela to solve this problem, in order to avoid this event in the future. Also, this investigation presents a qualitative-quantitative annex about coinage from 1802-1996.