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The paper money of the First Republic : Bibliography : Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela

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The paper money of the First Republic

The paper money of the First Republic
AuthorTomás Stohr
Number of pages180
Dimensions15.5 x 23 cm. / 6.1 x 9.06 in.
Publication classPrinted

Original title: El papel moneda en la Primera República

(Translation from the publisher's information):

During the First Republic, its governors and inhabitants faced unknown situations in those days. The excessive public cost and the lowering of the income had pushed to the creation of paper money. Around this payment instrument, it was innovative: the legislation, the issuance, the value backup, the design and the printing. This monograph, based in detailed research of historic documents, complements the study of banknotes and issuances, and tries to lighten about the controversial subject.

Table of Contents

Legal and administrative evolution
Paper money issuance
Banknotes characteristics
Production and distribution
Banknotes usage and target
Table Index
Appendix Index

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