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Circulating Wealth in Venezuela
Circulating Wealth in Venezuela
AuthorManuel Landaeta Rosales
Number of pages196
Dimensions22.8 x 15.6 cm. / 8.98 x 6.14 in.
Publication classPrinted

Original Title: Riqueza circulante en Venezuela

(Translation from the publisher's information)

It is a book of time, written by a Venezuelan of century XIX. It was the time in which all the knowledge were concentrated in a general knowledge. They had not appeared the specialties, for that reason, the volume contains a set of originating diverse subjects of different branches from the knowledge and that is, in this tactical mission, of the vital experience of its author. In his beginnings, the author was a soldier of the happened civil fights in the country. Soon one became an obsessed one of the historical, statistical and cultural data, but also of the news and the anecdote. From which in content of this book aspects related to the beginning of the monetary economy in Venezuela come together, the legal ordering referred her and a relation of the system of weights and measures. It reproduces, in addition official archives, official registries public, newspapers and newspaper extracts and magazines of the time.