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Standard Catalog Of World Coins (2006) 1801-1900, 5th Edition
Standard Catalog Of World Coins (2006) 1801-1900, 5th Edition
AuthorColin R Bruce
Number of pages1248
Dimensions10.8 x 8.3 x 1.9 in. / 27.43 x 21.08 x 4.83 cm.
Publication classPrinted

Every 19th century coin is identified in this complete one-volume reference to tens of thousands of coins. Specialists, collectors, and dealers use this as their standard for identifying and evaluating coins issued from 1801 to 1900.

Heavily illustrated with newer and better photos for identification?with most photos actual size, this prestigious price guide provides a comprehensive listing of each coin in up to four grades of condition. All foreign exchange rates and precious metals values are the most recent figures.

This catalog is alphabetized according to country of issue. Collectors of all levels will easily navigate through the volumes of information by following the user's guide and using the helpful charts.

-Identify every 19th century coin from A to Z.
-Covers world coins from 1801 to 1900, with four preservation grades and values
-Heavily illustrated with new and improved photos for identification.

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