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Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Specialized Issues (10th Edition)
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Specialized Issues (10th Edition)
AuthorGeorge Cuhaj
Number of pages1200
Dimensions10.8 x 8.3 x 2 in. / 27.43 x 21.08 x 5.08 cm.
Publication classPrinted

Our increasingly connected society continues to drive interest in collectible paper money from around the world. This unique identification and price guide contains a wealth of information comparable only to owning a small library on the specialized world paper money.

This updated and expanded 10th edition provides the comprehensive format serious collectors and dealers know and trust. They'll find details on the latest varieties of paper money and updated values they need in more than 17,500 listings; plus, coverage of special notes by commercial, private and national banks; state governments, provincial and military and more. With updated pricing in three preservation grades, and historic details, Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues is the must-have reference for any paper money collector.

-Current market values for 17,500+ listings help collectors stay up-to-date

-Standard issues from commercial and private banks, as well as rare provincial issues give collectors access to rare items

-Terminology, grading and numeral systems of the paper money market guide new collectors in their acquisitions

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