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Centralized banknote issues of Venezuela
Centralized banknote issues of Venezuela
AuthorSergio R. Sucre Castillo.
Number of pages455
Dimensions27.8 x 31 x 3.6 cm. / 10.94 x 12.2 x 1.42 in.
Publication classPrinted

Original title: Los billetes de emisión centralizada de Venezuela

This book is a complement of the first one Banknotes from the Banco Central de Venezuela, in addition of the updates of banknote issues from September 1989 through March 2007, includes new unpublished information such as banknote security, counterfeit, specimens, design family and some iconographic controversies of the banknotes, all with the same style and quality of the first book. An excellent book as good as the first one with detailed and deep information and researchs about banknotes from the official issuer Banco Central de Venezuela.

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  • Contact the author in sergiosucre [at] gmail [dot] com