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Banknotes from the Banco de Maracaibo : 20 Bolívares - Design A, Type C : Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela

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Piece bbdm20bs-acs (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdm20bs-acs. Photograph credits: Heritage Auction Galleries


Piece bbdm20bs-acs (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdm20bs-acs. Photograph credits: Heritage Auction Galleries


  • Identification Code: bbdm20bs-ac
  • Size: 87 x 188 mm.
  • Obverse: Design in black over a background in yellow. In the center, allegorical of a seated woman on the seashore with suitcases far away from a ship. Above, the issuer name "BANCO DE MARACAIBO" - "COMPAÑÍA ANÓNIMA". On each side, the denomination value "20" within a guilloche. Below, the denomination in words "VEINTE BOLIVARES" «twenty Bolívares». On the left, allegorical of a sailing ship with the denomination value "20" within a guilloche above. On the bottom, the signatures zone. Above, the payment clause "Que se pagaran al portador en Maracaibo a su presentacion" (Payable to bearer in Maracaibo upon presentation). On the right, Coat of Arms. Above, the date filling space "_____ de 188__" and the legend of the capitalization amount "CAPITAL 800.000".
  • Reverse: Design in yellow. On the left and on the right, the denomination value "20".
  • Production information: March 1889: 22,000 pieces
  • Design variations in the obverse: From Design A, Type A, changes the legend of the capitalization amount.
  • Signatures: "Gerente" «Manager» and "Presidente de la Asamblea Delegataria" «President of the Delegated Assembly»

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Due to the absence of official information on the banknotes issuance made by private and public entities before the creation of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the list includes known pieces or pieces referenced in a bibliography.

Other pieces (3)

SCWPM Piece Code Date Serie Amount
S200bbdm20bs-acp No date
Detail x
Obverse only print proof
N/Lbbdm20bs-acp2 No date
Detail x
Reverse only print proof
N/Lbbdm20bs-acs No date
Detail x
Stamped on the obverse "SPECIMEN" - "SPECIMEN", in red (perfored).


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