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Piece bbc100bs-ac02-g5 (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbc100bs-ac02-g5: Design A, Type C. Date Marzo 30 1920. Serie G5
  • Date: Marzo 30 1920
  • Size: 177 x 77 mm (6.97 x 3.03 in.)
  • Obverse: Design in black over a background in green and lilac. On the left, allegorical of a seated woman with a sailing ship at right. On the right, portrait of an unknown woman. On the top, the issuer name "BANCO CARACAS", "COMPAÑÍA ANÓNIMA" and the legend of the capitalization amount "CAPITAL B. 6.000.000". On the bottom, the date filling space "Caracas, _____ de 19__". On the upper left corner and right corners the denomination value "100" within a guilloche. In the center, the denomination in words "CIEN BOLÍVARES" «one hundred Bolívares» with the payment clause "EL BANCO CARACAS PAGARÁ AL PORTADOR EN DINERO EFECTIVO" «The Banco Caracas will pay to the bearer in cash» / "A LA PRESENTACION DE ESTE BILLETE" «upon presentation of this banknote».
  • Reverse: Design in green. In the center, allegorical of the Justice with an scale and sword surrounded by the issuer name "BANCO CARACAS", "COMPAÑÍA ANÓNIMA" and the capitalization amount. On the left corners and on the right the denomination value "100" within a guilloche.
  • Production information: December 1912: 50,000 pieces (serie G5, interval G00001 - G50000)
  • Design variations in the obverse: From Design A, Type B, with overprint "PAGADERO EN LAS OFICINAS DEL BANCO" «Payment to the bearer at the bank offices».
  • Signatures: "Director" «Director», "Director" «Director» and "Gerente" «Manager»
SCWPM Piece Code Date Serie Amount
S155bbc100bs-ac02-g5 Entry with incomplete photo Marzo 30 1920
Known G31279 - ???
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