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Piece brv8r-aa01c1-x4 (Obverse)
Photograph credits: Angel Beltrán
Piece brv8r-aa01c1-x4 (Reverse)
Photograph credits: Angel Beltrán
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Characteristics from Design A, Type A
  • Identification Code: brv8r-aa
  • Size: 225 x 120 mm (8.86 x 4.72 in.)
  • Obverse: In the top, "REPUBLICA DE VENEZUELA" «Republic of Venezuela», "Decreto del Poder Ejecutivo de 2 de Agosto", "Resolucion de 18 de Septiembre de 1860" and "$1.000.000". In each side, the face value "8 Reales". In the center, the payment clause "Vale por ________ sencillos pagaderos en la Tesoreria de la provincia de ________ con los fondos de la contribucion sobre la exportacion aplicados exclusivamente a amortizar el millon de pesos de esta emision. Su amortizacion se hara mensualmente por órden de series, y el Poder Ejecutivo se reserva convertir en cualquier tiempo esta emision por dinero en efectivo, todo de conformidad con las resoluciones ejecutivas de 23 y 30 de Agosto de 1860 que la reglamentan" (Worth ________ sencillos payable at the Treasury of the Province of ________ with funds from the tax upon the exportation applied only to amortize the million of pesos of this emission. The Amortization will be monthly by order of Series and The Executive reserves at any time convert this emission for cash, all in accordance with executive resolutions of August 23 and 30, 1860 that regulate) filled with "ocho reales" and the province. On the bottom left, the province filling space "Provincia de ________", the filling space for the amount of issue of the serie in the province "Total de la serie en esta provincia $________" and the date filling space "Emitido ________ de 186____".
  • Reverse: No design. May have a label to endorse the issuing by retailers with the legends "BILLETE DE OCHO REALES" (banknote of eight reales), "Garantizado según convenio de 20 de Septiembre de 1861 por" (guaranteed according to the agreement of September 20th 1861 by" and the retailer signature.
  • Identification Code: brv8r-aa01c1-x4
  • Date: Septiembre 18 1860
  • Serie: X4. Prefix X followed by 4 digits
  • Amount: 9000 (estimated).
  • Printer: Unknown
  • Serial interval: Unknown. Estimated X1000 - X9999. Known X7427 - ???
  • Note: Province of Caracas
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- Due to the absence of official information on the banknotes issuance made by private and public entities before the creation of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the list includes known pieces or pieces referenced in a bibliography.
  • El Secretario de Hacienda «The Secretary of Treasure»: Unknown
  • El Contador General «The general accountant»: Unknown
  • El Tesorero «The Treasurer»: Unknown
Identification in other catalogs
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