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Banknotes from Banco de Venezuela : 20 Bolívares - Design B, Type D : Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela

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Piece bbdv20bs-bdu (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdv20bs-bdu. Photograph credits: Megaser Inversiones


Piece bbdv20bs-bdu (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdv20bs-bdu. Photograph credits: Megaser Inversiones


  • Identification Code: bbdv20bs-bd
  • Size: 73 x 175 mm
  • Obverse: Black over yellow and green underprint. On the right a cowboy with cattle. At upper left corner, the issuer name "BANCO DE VENEZUELA". In each corner the denomination value "20" within a rossete (except upper left corner). At left, a rosette with the denomination value "20" within surrounded by the the payment clause "VALE POR VEINTE BOLIVARES QUE SE PAGARAN AL PORTADOR EN CARACAS A LA PRESENTACION". In the top, the legend of the capitalization amount "SOCIEDAD ANONIMA", with an overpint of the capitalization amount "CAPITAL Bs 12.000.000". Below the main theme, the date "Caracas, ______ de 19__".
  • Reverse: Green background pattern. In the center, inside a circle Coat of Arms with the motto "INDEPENDENcia", "LIBERTAD", "5 DE JULIO 1811", "28 DE MARZO 1864" and "DIOS Y FEDon", on each side the denomination value "20" within a rosette each side. Above and below the Coat of Arms the issuer name "BANCO DE VENEZUELA".
  • Production information: June 1907: 10,000 pieces (serie 5 and 6, interval 00001 - 99999 and 100000)
  • Design variations: From Design B, Type B, near to the representation, an overprint of the payment clause "Pagaderos en las oficinas del Banco".
  • Signatures: "Por el Banco de Venezuela" «p.p. Banco de Venezuela», "Por el Banco de Venezuela" «p.p. Banco de Venezuela» and "El Secretario" «The secretary»

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Due to the absence of official information on the banknotes issuance made by private and public entities before the creation of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the list includes known pieces or pieces referenced in a bibliography.

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SCWPM Piece Code Date Serie Amount
S281rbbdv20bs-bdu No date
Detail x
Remainder. Known 92027 - 99825


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