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Piece mv200bsf-ab01 (Obverse)
Photograph credits: Javier Masó
Piece mv200bsf-ab01 (Reverse)
Photograph credits: Javier Masó
Photographic Contribution
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Characteristics from Design A, Type B
  • Identification Code: mv200bsf-ab
  • General: Circular shape with continous grained edge.
  • Obverse: Circular rim without beading. In the center, over the field, allegorical of the start of independence movement on April 19th 1810, made by Emilio Gariboldi. Above, the legend "ALBA DE LA INDEPENDENCIA". In the exergue, the denomination value "200" Bs. On the left, "200 años" (200 years) and the metallic millesimal fineness "LEY 999".
  • Reverse: Circular rim without beading. In the center, over the field, seal made by the goverment that replaced the Supreme Junta in 1811, represented by a lion as the symbol of Caracas; surrounded above by the legend "CONFEDERACION DE VENEZUELA" «confederation of Venezuela» and "19 DE ABRIL 1810".
  • Conmemotative motive: Bicentenary of the start of the independence movement
  • Warning about he photograph sample: The four marks in the rim are part of the coin capsule taken from the reference photo.
  • Composition: Ley 999 (99.9% silver)
  • Weight: 31.1 Grams
  • Module: 38.61 mm
  • Identification Code: mv200bsf-ab01
  • Date: (2010)
  • Mintage: 3000.
  • Minter: Valcambi SA
Identification in other catalogs
  • Standard catalog of world coins (SCWC): Y95
NOTE: The piece identification from the Standard Catalog of World Coin (SCWC) used in this website is updated to: 1801-1900 (7th edition - 2013), 1901-2000 (40th edition - 2013) and 2001-2019 (13th edition - 2019)
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