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- This piece is not confirmed due to some of the following cause:
  • There are referenced information and there is no evidence of known piece.
  • Maybe there is an error from the bibliographic source.
If photographic reference exists, it can not be taken as proof of existence as it's needed to be physically verified.

The piece may be removed if bibliographic reference has an error.
Photographic Contribution
- Currently there is no reference photograph of this piece. If you have this piece and wish to contribute, you can send a photograph of both sides following the instructions in the Contact section. Your contribution will be appreciated and will help to improve the quality of this website.
Characteristics from Design A, Type A
  • Identification Code: bbcv1bs-aa
  • Identification by Sergio Sucre: 1A
  • Size: 115mm x 55mm. The size is smaller than regular size of 156 x 69 mm (6.14 x 2.72 in.)
  • General: Dark blue printing with blue-violet variations underprint.
  • Obverse: On the right, image of 1 Bolívar coin. In the center, the payment clause "PAGADEROS AL PORTADOR EN LAS OFICINAS DEL BANCO" «Payments to the Bearier in the Offices of the Bank». On the left, the value "1", with a serial number below. On the top left, the issuer name "BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA" «Central Bank of Venezuela». On the bottom, the denomination in words "UN BOLIVAR".
  • Reverse: In the center, the denomination in words "Un Bolívar". On the left, Coat of Arms. On the right, a guilloche. In each corner the value "1".
  • Common name: This banknote, with the 2 Bolívares banknotes was also known with the popular name of "Tinoquito", in honor of the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela by then. Another popular name was "Monopolio", derived by similar size and paper quality of the popular game "Monopoly".
  • Circulation note: Theses banknotes were issued in emergency to solve the shortage of coins during 1988-1989, as a consequence of illegal funding to obtain nickel due to the high price of this metal in comparison to it's face value. The banknotes that are part of these issues are 1 Bolívar, 2 Bolívares and 5 Bolívares (Design B, type B).
  • Note about amount of pieces: There is no known case of the serie E8. To complete the last bundle of the serie of 99,999,999 pieces, and the last piece could not be the serie number 100,000,000 instead it could be a replacement serie piece. Based on information from Venezuelan Metallic Coins (Asdrúbal Grillet), How to collect banknotes-Venezuelan Catalog 1811-2003 (Germán Hernandez) and Centralized banknote issues of Venezuela (Sergio Sucre), the amount of pieces were 600 millions. However, the known series and amount of pieces are far from that the official amount. Maybe there were other series prefix that never have circulated, printed or have been destroyed.
  • Identification Code: bbcv1bs-aa01s2
  • Piece type: Specimen banknote with date
  • Date: Octubre 05 1989
  • Serie: X8. Prefix X followed by 8 zeroes or digits
  • Amount: Unknown.
  • Printer: Bundesdruckerei
  • This piece seems to exists however it is not confirmed
  • Note: No Specimen stamp
Update known serial number interval
- If you have a piece with a serial number out of the known interval or an unknown serie prefix, you can send the comment along with a photograph following the instructions in the Contact section. Your contribution will be appreciated and will help to improve the quality of this website.
- A banknote piece with unknown serie prefix or out of estimated or known serial interval does not necessarily means that it's a unique and rare piece.

Due to the absence of official information, piece distribution in the country, difficulties and limits to the inhabitants to access paper money, specially since 2017 approximately, make difficult the studies and estimation of banknote issues.

The warning apply also for known pieces due to the reserved information from collectors.

The precision and quality of the information depends on these previouly mentioned factors, received reports and social network information.
  • Presidente «President»: Pedro Tinoco
  • Primer Vice presidente «First Vicepresident»: José Vicente Rodríguez Aznar
Identification in other catalogs
  • Qualitative code by Sergio Sucre: ebcv1a/8910/x/1
NOTE: The piece identification from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (SCWPM) used in this website is updated to: Specialized issues (7th edition - 1995), General issues 1368-1960 (14th edition - 2012) and Modern issues 1961-2019 (25th edition - 2019)
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