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Piece bbcv5bsf-aa05r (Obverse)
Photograph credits: Jorje Díaz
Piece bbcv5bsf-aa05r (Reverse)
Photograph credits: Jorje Díaz
Photographic Contribution
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Characteristics from Design A, Type A
  • Identification Code: bbcv5bsf-aa
  • Identification by Sergio Sucre: 5D
  • Size: 156 x 69 mm (6.14 x 2.72 in.)
  • General: Multicolor design with orange as predominant colors.
  • Obverse: Design with portrait orientation. On the top, "REPÚBLICA BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA" «Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela». Below, the denomination value "5", the denomination in words "CINCO BOLÍVARES" «five Bolívares», the date, the payment clause "PAGADEROS AL PORTADOR EN LAS OFICINAS DEL BANCO" «Payments to the Bearier in the Offices of the Bank» and the signers. At right, watermarks zone. On the bottom, portrait of Pedro Camejo (Negro Primero) based on a brozen bust done in 1930 by Antonio Rodríguez del Villar and it's located in Monument to Carabobo, with the denomination value "5" below. The serial numbers are located at upper right and bottom left rotated 90 degrees clock-wise.
  • Reverse: Design with landscape orientation. In the center, over the field Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximus). On the right, watermarks zone. On the top left, the issuer name "BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA" «Central Bank of Venezuela». On the left, Coat of Arms. On the bottom right, the denomination value "5" and the denomination in words "CINCO BOLÍVARES" «five Bolívares».
  • Some security elements: security thread with "BCV 5", "BCV 5", "BCV 5" and "BCV 5" (in front of light); watermarks, invisible ink (ultraviolet) and see-through perfect print registration. On the obverse latent image "5" on the bottom.
  • Watermark: portrait of Pedro Camejo and the denomination value "5".
  • Identification Code: bbcv5bsf-aa05r
  • Piece type: Replacement Banknote
  • Date: Octubre 29 2013
  • Serie: Z8. Prefix Z followed by 8 digits
  • Amount: 173,250 (estimated).
  • Printer: Unknown
  • Serial interval: Unknown. Estimated Z10000001 - Z10173250. Known Z10000087 - Z10173068
  • Known serial prefix: Z1000-Z1004, Z1006, Z1008-Z1011, Z1013-Z1015, Z1017 ?
  • Note: First interval
Update known serial number interval
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- A banknote piece with unknown serie prefix or out of estimated or known serial interval does not necessarily means that it's a unique and rare piece.

Due to the absence of official information, piece distribution in the country, difficulties and limits to the inhabitants to access paper money, specially since 2017 approximately, make difficult the studies and estimation of banknote issues.

The warning apply also for known pieces due to the reserved information from collectors.

The precision and quality of the information depends on these previouly mentioned factors, received reports and social network information.
Fancy serial numbers
The special serial number is described in Fancy serial number. This information is based on estimated amount and/or serial interval
  • Amount of low or high serials: 431 (all), 195 (Level 1), 141 (Level 2), 74 (Level 3) and 21 (Level 4)
  • Low serial interval: Z10000001-Z10000431 (all), Z10000237-Z10000431 (Level 1), Z10000096-Z10000236 (Level 2), Z10000022-Z10000095 (Level 3) and Z10000001-Z10000021 (Level 4)
  • High serial interval: Z10172820-Z10173250 (all), Z10172820-Z10173014 (Level 1), Z10173015-Z10173155 (Level 2), Z10173156-Z10173229 (Level 3) and Z10173230-Z10173250 (Level 4)
  • Presidente BCV «President of BCV»: Eudomar Tovar
  • Primer Vicepresidente BCV «First vicepresident of BCV»: José Khan
Identification in other catalogs
NOTE: The piece identification from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (SCWPM) used in this website is updated to: Specialized issues (7th edition - 1995), General issues 1368-1960 (14th edition - 2012) and Modern issues 1961-2019 (25th edition - 2019)
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