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Piece mpc2r-ba04v5 : Coin of 2 Reales (Peseta) : Date 1820 BS : Province of Caracas

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Characteristics from Design B, Type A

  • Identification Code: mpc2r-ba
  • General: Circular shape.
  • Obverse: Dentacles beading with no rim. Two pillars of Hercules with capitals on the top, both pillars are cut by three horizontal lines, providing three rows of legends in three parts. In the center of the first row appears "2", in the second row appers "PLV", "SVL" and "TRA"; in the third row appears "B.", year and "S." (B.S. means the engraver Bartolomé Salinas). In the bottom appears "CARACAS" and below some wavelines which represents the sea.
  • Reverse: Dentacles beading with no rim. Allegorical spanish arms created by Jerusalem potent cross, which lions and castles appear alternately inside each cuadrant. Each quadrant is closed by arcs. On the left and right of the cross, appears "F" and "7", meaning Ferdinand VII. In the top and bottom of the cross appears "2".
  • Common name: Morillera
  • Circulation: This was a royalist coinage.
  • Composition: Silver
  • Weight: 4.3 - 5.3 Grams
  • Module: 23 mm
  • Thickness: 25 mm


  • Identification Code: mpc2r-ba04v5
  • Date: 1820 BS
  • Mintage: (Inc. above).
  • Minter: Royal Mint Caracas
  • Note: Variety "e" according to Thomas Stohr. Reverse: Lion/Castle transposed.
    Obverse: Waves type 7.
    Reverse: Castle type 2, Lion type 3, Arches type 5
  • Variety image illustration:
    Waves #7Castle #2Lion #3Arches #5

Identification in other catalogs

NOTE: The piece identification from the Standard Catalog of World Coin (SCWC) used in this website is updated to: 1801-1900 (7th edition - 2013), 1901-2000 (40th edition - 2013) and 2001-2019 (13th edition - 2019)

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