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Characteristics from Design A, Type A
  • Identification Code: mpc0.25r-aa
  • General: Circular shape with plain edge.
  • Obverse: Dentacles beading with no rim. In the center, inside a laurel wreath, a lion holding a dotted or solid oval, with a cross within, which represents the Caracas Arms. In the top, a five points Royal Crowns. Around the perimeter, the legends "CARACAS", "AÑO DE" and the year in the bottom.
  • Reverse: Dentacles beading with no rim. In the top, interlaced trigram with the letters "VNZ" which represents Venezuela. On the top, the ammount "1/4" with each side a laurel wreath ended in the middle of the field.
  • Circulation: This was a royalist coinage.
  • Note: Due to the poor quality of coin minting for that time, the coins classified here contains design variations but mantain the same elements.
  • Composition: Copper
  • Module: 22.5 - 24 mm.
  • Identification Code: mpc0.25r-aa06
  • Date: 1816
  • Mintage: 750,000.
  • Minter: Royal Mint Caracas
  • Note: Variety "a" according to Thomas Stohr

    Crown #5
    Oval #1
    Cross #4
    Lion #3
    Branch #9
    Branch #7
Identification in other catalogs
  • Standard catalog of world coins (SCWC): C2
NOTE: The piece identification from the Standard Catalog of World Coin (SCWC) used in this website is updated to: 1801-1900 (7th edition - 2013), 1901-2000 (40th edition - 2013) and 2001-2019 (13th edition - 2019)
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